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Near Hoopii Falls

Near Hoopii Falls, Kauai, Hawaii

near Kapaa

Kauai, Hawaii

We saw Hoopii Falls listed on a map, and, after a great deal of crashing through sugar cane fields, thought we had found it. Later that night, we ate at a Hawaiian-style restaurant in Kapaa, and none of the locals had even heard of our waterfall. It turns out that what we found wasn't actually Hoopii Falls, but an unnamed waterfall nearby. It was only about 10 feet [3m] tall, but it was very beautiful. So, even though we never actually got to Hoopii Falls, we were happy with the waterfall we found. A slow shutter speed of about 1/4 of a second emphasizes the form of the falls, giving a nice, soft appearance. The backlit ferns in the foreground add considerable interest.


Kodachrome Professional film,
natural light, slow exposure

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