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 Mark and Andy's Picture

 There is great beauty in nature. Andy and I started HABITAT Nature Photography in 1983 to be able to express that beauty on film, and offer our unique photographic viewpoint. We try to capture in our photography the same sense of awe that we feel when we are out hiking about. We started the greeting card line at that time, and our extensive library of stock images has been used in brochures and commercial advertising.

The images on this website were made from high resolution scans of our original slides. Stay as long as you like, and feel free to browse!

Previously, we shot almost exclusively Kodachrome Professional slide film on 35mm Nikon gear, and liked the flexibility that 35mm equipment offers. Our lenses range from very wide angle, and extreme close-up to long telephoto. I now shoot exclusively with a 5MB Sony digital camera. It affords me a number of advantages, including much lighter gear, and the ability to instantly preview my shots. We almost always shoot with a tripod; use available light most of the time, but do use some flash, particularly for close-up work. We often use a polarizing filter to increase color saturation and control reflection. We always strive for the highest possible quality.

We do a lot of landscapes, often with water or fog themes, and enjoy photographing wildflowers, birds and animals. Our travel photography ranges from the Pacific Coast, Yosemite National Park, Hawaii, Southwestern US, and Baja California to Canada. We live 75 miles north of San Francisco in the resort town of Guerneville, California near the Russian River with our dog Janey. Janey supervises all of the photo shoots.

I have been photographing since about age 10, but my photography really started to take off in college when I purchased my first 35mm single-lens reflex (SLR) camera. This allowed me much greater creative control in making the photograph, and has enabled me to hone my skill in photographic composition; I enjoy helping other photographers improve their photographic vision. It's been a lot of fun!

- Mark

I am deeply saddened to say that Mark died in February of 2003, of a brain tumor. He worked on his photography as long as he could, and never lost his love for his art. I am leaving this website up so everyone who wishes can enjoy his work. However, I am no longer operating Habitat Nature Photography as a business, and I am not taking any orders or catalog requests. I hope someday to be able to publish a book of Mark's photographs, and in that way share his unique vision of the world.

Thank you,

- Andy

 Mark L. Kaufman

Andrea D. Kaufman

Guerneville, California

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