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HABITAT Nature Photography has over 10,000 nature images in our library. Our strengths are in landscapes, seascapes, waterfalls, travel photos, wildflowers, animals, birds, forests, the Pacific Coast, and Yosemite National Park.

We live in the beautiful Russian River resort area of Sonoma County, California, near the lush redwood forests, wine country, and the Pacific Coast, which provides us with unlimited photographic possibilities.

These lists include all of the images on the website.
We have many more subjects available in our library.

Alphabetic Index by Subject

Big Horn Sheep [View]
Coyote [View]
Deer in Meadow [View]
Harbor Seals [View]
Leopard [View]
Long Reach (elephant) [View]
Polar Bear [View]
Zebra and Foal [View]

Allen's Hummingbird [View]
Bald Eagle [View]
California Quail [View]
Godwit on Beach [View]
Great Blue Heron [View]
Paintd Ladies [View]
Peacock [View]
Pileated Woodpecker [View]
Rufous-Sided Towhee [View]
Snowy Egret [View]

Flowers and Leaves
Azaleas [View]
Blackberry Frosting [View]
California Poppies [View]
Dahlias [View]
Globe Lilies [View]
"Guardian Angel" (begonia) [View]
Iris Petal [View]
Montbretia [View]
Morning Glory [View]
Redwood Orchid [View]
Water Lilies [View]
White Columbine [View]

Foggy Scenics
FoggyVineyard [View]
Ground Fog [View]
Mark West Creek [View]
Partial Eclipse [View]
Redwood Trees in Fog [View]
Redwoods and Rays [View]

Forests and Trees
Beach Log [View]
Ferns [View]
Leaf Patterns [View]
Moss Tree [View]
Oaks, Birches, Snow [View]
Rebirth (apple blossoms) [View]
Redwood Forest [View]
Redwood Sorrel [View]
Redwood Stump [View]
Redwoods [View]
Redwoods and Birches [View]

Kauai, Hawaii
Na Pali Clouds [View]
Na Pali Fog [View]
Na Pali Hills [View]
Pink Cloud (Na Pali Coast) [View]
Wailua River [View]
Waimea Canyon [View]
Waimea Canyon Fog [View]
Big Sky [View]
Fall Barn [View]
Golden Windmill [View]
Hillside View [View]
Lost Meadow [View]
Western Hills [View]

Russian River Area
Guerneville Bridge [View]
Johnson's Beach [View]
Russian River [View]
Russian River Fog [View]
Russian River Jazz Fest [View]
Russian River Rainbow [View]
Russian River Twilight [View]

San Francisco
Chieftain and Golden Gate [View]
Coit Tower [View]
Golden Gate Twilight [View]
Golden Gate Vista [View]
Hawaiian Chieftain [View]
Pagoda, Golden Gate Park [View]
Sailboats on the Bay [View]
San Francisco Skyline [View]
Transamerica and Coit [View]
Transamerica, Embarcadero [View]
Transamerica Pyramid [View]
Wharf at Pier 39 [View]
Yerba Buena Gardens [View]

Baja Sunrise [View]
Beach Wildflowers [View]
Bodega Head [View]
Glass Beach [View]
Goat Rock [View]
Gold Kelp [View]
Golden Wave [View]
Jenner Sunset [View]
Kelp under the Pier [View]
Ocean Sunset [View]
Rocky Shore [View]
Russian River Mouth [View]
Sailboats on the Bay [View]
Salmon Creek Sunset [View]
Sea Wall [View]
Slow Wave [View]
Storm Wave [View]
Wave Tube [View]

Sunrises and Sunsets
Coastal Flights [View]
Long Sunset [View]
Redwood Sunset [View]
Windmill and Sunset [View]
Five Planets [View]
The Alamo [View]
Bryce Canyon [View]
China Cove [View]
Clock Tower [View]
Crater Lake [View]
Garden Fountain [View]
Japanese Bridge [View]
Liberty and Twin Towers [View]
Sea Arch [View]
Vermillion Cliffs [View]

Vineyards and Orchards
Apple Orchard [View]
Grapes and Fall Colors [View]
Grapes and Leaves [View]
Persimmon Tree [View]
Rainbow over Vineyard [View]
Vineyard and Sprinklers [View]
Vineyard in Fog [View]

Waterfalls and Streams
Burney Falls [View]
Cool Water [View]
Fife Creek [View]
Flow [View]
Hoopii Falls [View]
Multnomah Falls [View]
Small Fall? [View]
Waterfall and Pool [View]
Whitehorse Falls [View]

Bridalveil Meadow [View]
Bridalveil Mist [View]
Half Dome in Winter [View]
Leaning Tower [View]
Merced River [View]
Mist Trail Rainbow [View]
"Never at Noon" (Bridalveil) [View]
Sentinel Rock, Merced River [View]
Snow Cone [View]
Tenaya, Snow Creeks [View]
Turbulent Merced [View]
Upper Yosemite Falls in Fog [View]
Vernal Falls [View]
Yosemite Falls and Creek [View]
Yosemite Valley in Winter [View]
Yosemite Valley View [View]


Numeric Index

001 Redwood Orchid [View]
005 FoggyVineyard [View]
007 Redwood Stump [View]
008 Ocean Sunset [View]
011 Windmill and Sunset [View]
013 Lost Meadow [View]
014 Deer in Meadow [View]
015 Waterfall and Pool [View]
017 Cool Water [View]
018 Fife Creek [View]
019 Russian River [View]
020 Vineyard and Sprinklers [View]
021 Moss Tree [View]
022 Redwoods [View]
027 Redwoods and Birches [View]
028 Leaf Patterns [View]
029 Apple Orchard [View]
031 Fall Barn [View]
032 Persimmon Tree [View]
033 Iris Petal [View]
034 California Poppies [View]
035 Montbretia [View]
036 White Columbine [View]
037 "Guardian Angel" [View]
038 Blackberry Frosting [View]
039 Allen's Hummingbird [View]
040 Snowy Egret [View]
041 California Quail [View]
042 Godwit on Beach [View]
044 Coyote [View]
045 Polar Bear [View]
046 Big Horn Sheep [View]
048 Big Sky [View]
049 Rocky Shore [View]
050 Slow Wave [View]
053 Golden Wave [View]
057 Gold Kelp [View]
058 Beach Wildflowers [View]
060 Salmon Creek Sunset [View]
061 Coastal Flights [View]
062 Baja Sunrise [View]
063 Redwood Sunset [View]
066 Redwoods and Rays [View]
067 Ground Fog [View]
069 Mark West Creek [View]
070 Russian River Fog [View]
072 Vineyard in Fog [View]
074 China Cove [View]
075 Sea Arch [View]
076 Burney Falls [View]
077 Vermillion Cliffs [View]
078 Bryce Canyon [View]
079 Snow Cone [View]
080 Upper Yosemite Falls, Fog [View]
081 Yosemite Valley, Winter [View]
082 Half Dome in Winter [View]
083 Yosemite Valley View [View]
084 Sentinel Rock, Merced R. [View]
085 Bridalveil Mist [View]
086 "Never at Noon" [View]
087 Bridalveil Meadow [View]
088 Leaning Tower [View]
089 Mist Trail Rainbow [View]
090 Vernal Falls [View]
091 Turbulent Merced [View]
092 Tenaya, Snow Creeks [View]
093 Pink Cloud (Na Pali) [View]
094 Hoopii Falls [View]
095 Wailua River [View]
096 Na Pali Fog [View]
097 Na Pali Clouds [View]
098 Na Pali Hills [View]
099 Waimea Canyon [View]
100 Waimea Canyon Fog [View]
101 Guerneville Bridge [View]
102 Russian River Rainbow [View]
103 Redwood Trees in Fog [View]
104 Storm Wave [View]
105 Dahlias [View]
106 Wave Tube [View]
107 Morning Glory [View]
108 Bald Eagle [View]
109 Yosemite Falls and Creek [View]
110 Merced River [View]
111 Grapes and Leaves [View]
112 Grapes and Fall Colors [View]
113 Pileated Woodpecker [View]
114 Oaks, Birches, Snow [View]
115 Sea Wall [View]
116 Golden Windmill [View]
117 Great Blue Heron [View]
118 Zebra and Foal [View]
119 Leopard [View]
120 Garden Fountain [View]
121 Rebirth (apple blossoms) [View]
122 Redwood Sorrel [View]
124 Hillside View [View]
126 Flow [View]
127 Ferns [View]
128 Crater Lake [View]
129 Multnomah Falls [View]
130 Clock Tower [View]
131 Kelp under the Pier [View]
132 Japanese Bridge [View]
133 Azaleas [View]
134 Harbor Seals [View]
135 Rainbow over Vineyard [View]
136 Small Fall? [View]
137 Long Reach (elephant) [View]
138 Peacock [View]
139 Redwood Forest [View]
140 Glass Beach [View]
141 Sailboats on the Bay [View]
142 Globe Lilies [View]
143 Jenner Sunset [View]
144 Johnson's Beach [View]
145 Russian River Jazz Fest [View]
146 Whitehorse Falls [View]
147 Goat Rock [View]
148 Russian River Mouth [View]
149 Bodega Head [View]
150 Liberty and Twin Towers [View]
154 Russian River Twilight [View]
155 Long Sunset [View]
156 Partial Eclipse [View]
157 Western Hills [View]
158 Golden Gate Twilight [View]
159 Pagoda, Golden Gate Park [View]
160 San Francisco Skyline [View]
161 Transamerica Pyramid [View]
162 Transamerica, Embarcadero [View]
163 Coit Tower [View]
164 Yerba Buena Gardens [View]
165 Golden Gate Vista [View]
166 Wharf at Pier 39 [View]
167 Transamerica and Coit [View]
168 Chieftain and Golden Gate [View]
169 Hawaiian Chieftain [View]
174 Five Planets [View]
176 Water Lilies [View]
177 Beach Log [View]
187 Painted Ladies [View]
188 Rufous-Sided Towhee [View]
189 The Alamo [View]


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